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    Popular Searches :  fabrics , yarn , clothing , carpet ,lace , bedding , machinery , fiber
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       Suzhou Maohun Textile Co., Ltd
       Qingdao Esun International Co., Ltd.
       Qingdao Bettertex Fiber Co., Ltd.
       Qingdao Xinwei Textile Development Co., Ltd.
       Shaoxing Yida Textile Co., Ltd
       Jiangyin Yujing Textile Co. Ltd.
       Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile co., Ltd.
       Rizhao Huawei Textile Co., Ltd.
       Jack Holding Group Co., Ltd.
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    www.j-bray.com is one of  the largest online B2B marketplace specialized in Textile and Apparel in China.   We have more than 300,000 registered members.
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    TEL: 86-571-87671507
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